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Thank you so much for visiting our web site!

ONG AGEDD takes this opportunity to present a summary of its background and achievements to all English speaking partners and members. 

Please visit the links below to get more details:

1. Introducing ONG AGEDD

2. Our Major Achievements in 2019

3. Our Ongoing Projects (2020)


Please see the attached PDF file for more details about our past performance Here

Seed collection of endangered species to rehabilitate chimpanzees' food in Nialama

Seeds for Chimps

Please donate to us

AGEDD has its own bank accounts for any funding approved and project to be implemented. We welcome your donations for any of the above mentioned activities and will ensure that each cent makes a tangible impact. Please use our contact form if would like to donate. 

All donors from the US are notified that ONG AGEDD is equivalent to a US public charity according to TechSoup which conducted an assessment by mid-2016. This document facilitates collaboration with US-based foundations and/or donors and can be requested anytime through the foundation’s web site.

Please note that you can donate time, materials and/or money. ONG AGEDD thanks you in advance!

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