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Our Main Achievements in 2019

ONG AGEDD is really grateful to its main donors Global GreenGrants Funds, Arcus Foundation, Idea Wild, Austria Embassy in Senegal, Austria Consulate in Guinea and to ISAV-VGE Faranah (Guinea) for providing technical support on a regular basis. We are also thankful to local authorities and community partners who really helped us succeed in all our projects and are always eager to accompany us in setting and achieving our goals.

AGEDD has mainly accomplished the following results throughout 2019:

  • More than 20 000 trees (made of indigenous and endangered species) planted and maintained

  • More than 50 improved cook-stoves distributed to counter in-house air pollution and mitigate deforestation

  • 100 households supported in food security and livelihoods through gardening, beekeeping, soap making and other income generating activities

  • 1200 primary school students educated and supported in environmental protection in their communities and schools

  • 15 000 community volunteers involved in forest restoration and monitoring activities

  • More than 200 farmers attended literacy classes among them 60 % are now able to read, write and calculate correctly

  • More 50 fisherwomen and fishermen trained in sustainable fish farming, and basic accounting  

  • More than 100 beekeepers trained in sustainable beekeeping, reforestation, organizational development, and in the basics of revenue management

  • AGEDD attended COP 14 summit in India

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