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Introducing ONG AGEDD

Who are We?

ONG AGEDD (Guinean Association for Sustainable Development Awake) was established in 2006 in Maferinyah, Guinea (West Africa) and was officially registered in 2011. We intervene throughout Guinea and focus on youth, women, poor, differently abled people, farmers and unemployed. 

Our Mission

Contribute to poverty reduction in Guinea by supporting rural communities in addressing sustainably their economic, social and environmental challenges

AGEDD makes it a priority to involve communities in project design and implementation; they are assessed, trained, guided, assisted in establishing project monitoring and evaluation committees, and skilled enough to ensure a smooth project hand-over process.

What does AGEDD do?

Environmental protection

Community and school tree nurseries, clean-up, reforestation, seed collection, banking and exchange, improved cook-stoves (and mud-stoves), environmental education (in schools and communities), ecotourism, etc.


Community health and nutrition

Handwashing, prevention, support to social reintegration of Ebola survivors, community clean-up and hygiene, etc.


Food Security and livelihoods

Gardening, soap making, beekeeping, fish farming, food crops, postharvest handling, etc.


Education and Literacy

Internship, adult literacy, job seeking, distribution of books and training materials, promotion of forest and environment laws and policies, etc.

Award 2018

The National sustainability award goes to ONG AGEDD for a successful implementation of the community project Environmental Health for All (SEPT). It was awarded late last year by Energy Globe Foundation located in Austria and given to AGEDD through the first Austrian economic forum/mission in Guinea that was held at Noom Hotel in Conakry early December 2018.

Please find more details about the Award and project here

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